Solutions to help meet tomorrow’s money movement needs

Visa Direct is a network enabling financial institutions to transfer funds to billions of endpoints across more than 190 markets and 160 currencies.

Currencies and foreign exchange (FX)

Utilize Visa’s FX capabilities and support for transactions in 160 local currencies.

Risk, compliance and fraud

Visa vets VisaNet members and the Visa Direct program and can offer Visa’s sanctions screening score to help with your compliance efforts.²

Accounts and wallets³

A single integration through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) messaging offers access to Visa’s card and account delivery channels and 7B endpoints.


Pull funds from an account linked to an eligible Visa card to fund peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers, wallet loads and balances with other financial institutions, including brokerages.

Funds transfer

Send funds in real time⁴ from your ecosystem directly into an account linked to an eligible debit card.

Connectivity solutions

Execute Visa Direct transactions through APIs or ISO messaging depending on your organisation’s needs.

Payment gateway⁵

Push and pull transactions through Visa for routing to multiple non-Visa U.S. debit networks.

Alias directory

Map card credentials to emails, phone numbers or other aliases so customers can keep card information private.


Enhance authorisation, foster innovation and craft new digital commerce experiences.

API suite

From account validation to exception management and beyond, Visa Direct APIs can enhance your program implementation.

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