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Shopping safely online? Ireland’s savvy shoppers lead the way


  • As online sales increase, 81% of consumers taking steps to avoid online fraud, recent Visa study finds
  • 51% of Irish consumers monitor their online transactions for suspicious activity v 44% globally
  • Visa outlines its top tips to help consumers shop safely online

7th April 2021: Irish consumers continue to embrace online shopping. A new Visa study has found that more than half (52%) of Irish consumers shop online wherever possible.

As more Irish consumers go online for their everyday shop, the Visa Back to Business Study – 2021 Outlook reveals that many are looking to stay secure when shopping on the web. 81% of those surveyed say they have taken steps to keep themselves safe when shopping online. In fact, 51% keep a regular eye on their online transactions for any suspicious activity, comparing favourably with the global average of just 44%.

Nevertheless, the study suggests that many Irish consumers may not know the hints and tips to use to protect their details when shopping online. Less than a quarter (23%) surveyed say they proactively check a websites URL before making a payment and only 30% say they use different passwords on different sites, the recent Visa study found.

How you pay matters

“Wherever or whatever you’re choosing to purchase, how you pay matters,” said Dominic White, Acting Country Manager Ireland, Visa. “It’s encouraging that some Irish shoppers are taking steps to keep themselves safe online, but it’s important we continue to do these simple checks as shopping online becomes part of our usual routine. At Visa, we work closely with banks across Ireland to protect consumers every time they pay with their card. Every payment is protected with multiple layers of security, helping to prevent fraud so that Irish consumers can shop online with ease”

Room to improve

While the Visa study found that the rise in online shopping had resulted in almost one third (31%) of people updating the security payment options on their mobile devices, 14% have yet to take any steps to protect themselves when paying online. To support consumers, Visa has highlighted the simple things we can all do to protect our payments and be more alert to the possibility of fraud.

Visa uses cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and sophisticated algorithms checking every single transaction on its network for the potential for fraud. These powerful layers of security have helped keep fraud below 0.1% during the current crisis.

But, if you think you might have been defrauded or notice a transaction you don’t recognise, just give your bank a call and explain the situation. If you have been defrauded, they can often help you claim your money back, supported by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy.

To read Visa’s tips, visit the Visa Blog or infographic.


Methodology: Visa Back to Business Study – 2021 Outlook

The Visa Back to Business study was conducted by Wakefield Research between November 13 and November 25, 2020, among 500 adults aged 18+ in Ireland. 1,000 adults were surveyed in the US and a further 500 in six other markets: Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE. The data was weighted to ensure an accurate representation of adults aged 18+ in each country. A copy of the global report is available here.

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