Pay later with a Visa credit card

If you’d like more control and flexibility with your money, as well as a safety net for unexpected payments, a Visa credit card more than fits the bill.

You can spend up to a maximum limit, to pay off in full at the end of the month. Or, if you prefer, spread out your payments. Bear in mind though, this last method will cost you more in interest and fees.

So what are the benefits?

  • Repayments can be spread over a period of time – allowing you to adapt your outgoings to fit with your monthly finances
  • The time period between buying something and paying for it provides extra peace of mind – especially when you use your card in unfamiliar environments, such as abroad or online
  • There are many different Visa card programmes to choose from, including – loyalty reward schemes, cashback, airmiles, retailer offers or ones that simply offer a low interest rate.

Interested? Visa credit cards are issued by:



National Irish Bank

permanent tsb

Tesco Bank