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Meet Gustavo

Fernández’s journey into the world of tennis was certainly extraordinary. At the age of 18 months, he experienced a spinal cord infarction. Born into a family of professional basketball players, it ignited his passion for competitive sport but he chose the path of tennis.

In 2015, Fernández celebrated his first Grand Slam title in doubles at Wimbledon. This achievement would be a prelude to his winning of a second title in singles at the Australian Open in 2017. A significant milestone in his career came on July 10, 2017, when he secured the world number one ranking following a Super Series title at the French Open. 

Fernández’s unrelenting spirit helped him earn another title at the French Open in 2018. He started the 2019 season with a victory at the Australian Open against Stefan Olsson and followed it up with another title at Roland Garros against Gordon Reid. 

These triumphant victories and his undying spirit rank Gustavo Fernández as one of the greatest wheelchair tennis players in the world.

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